TruHealth provides multiple operational services to efficiently enhance your bottom line, keep patients informed and attract new ones. We design a program customized to your practice that includes helping you become marketing genius, a tech wiz and business savvy entrepreneur. But we do all the work so you can focus on your patients and practice.


Operational Support

Our ongoing operational support is at the core of your success. We provide monthly calls, webinars with our medical, science, compliance team, providing valuable updates, new treatments, therapies, research findings and new product developments.  We also offer training so you and your staff can focus on providing your patients with the best care. 


We offer full service recruiting, credentialing, staffing and management of licensees healthcare professionals (NPs or PAs).  We can also provide a medical director for practices in need of this service. We have a very detailed screening process that searches for top talent to fit your practice. We perform detailed background and reference checks which is very important.  Our interview process is unique in that it utilizes a process that understands your team and practice style to determine the right person for you and the practice. We guarantee a great fit.


Our consulting services include a detailed evaluation and implementation processes to improve efficiencies that directly resulting in increased revenue and patient retention/satisfaction. We focus on helping you and your practice become more profitable and generate more revenue. We improve your most important asset, your staff. We know managing people and your business is not easy.  We have decades of experience motivating, training and managing people. Lets us evaluate your practice we guarantee we can improve your outcomes.



Telehealth is part of the future of healthcare. It adds efficiency, revenue and patient satisfaction with your practice. Provide consultations, follow-ups, quick answers to patients questions through our easy to use telehealth app. Stay connected to your patients or they will connect with someone else.

E-Commerce Health Site & App

We provide a patient/provider healthcare e-commerce site and app that allows patients to access valuable health information, buy products, manage their health care, and connect with find individuals or groups in their community who support healthier lifestyles. You generate revenue by giving your patients access to your unique practice code.


New Patient Acquisition

The products and services we make available to your practice give you the competitive edge but what’s most exciting they as well effectively acquire new patients when combined with our unique marketing system.  

Ask us how providers have increased monthly cash revenue by $160,000 and are acquiring new patients with Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy.

We have an effective, proven, measurable marketing system that acquires new patients as well as keeps current ones engaged.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing requires two important things:

1. Effective, desired, relevant and consistent CONTENT

2. An effective call to ACTION.

If you're not using it or it’s not effective, you're going to miss out on a lot of opportunities.  Our marketing team has decades of experience with proven and measurable results.

Patient Direct Marketing

Are you keeping your patients informed, providing valuable health-related information and have a simple way to stay connected?  If not or you are not sure, we will build effective informative campaigns. It is crucial to get your patients the right information at the right time.  Your website and direct marketing efforts should keep current or potential patients immediately engaged.