Why Integrate?

We know you are busy so we have created a simple way to determine what is most important to you and your practice. The great thing about INTEGRATION is we do 95% of the work while YOU realize the benefits!

Here's why providers are integrating:

  1. Patients are looking for alternatives.  Not to be missed, one of the greatest appeals to patients is that of a complete clinical team approach involved in their care, which ensures they are getting the best treatment possible to resolve their condition and outcomes. This model has become a “Referral Giant” as they far surpass the low expectations the former health-care model has afforded them!
  2. Integration Creates Cash Services: Patients are realizing insurance is not the answer and are willing to pay cash for effective care.
  3. Health experts see phenomenal growth: Economists put functional and regenerative medicine industry at $18.9 Billion in 2016 with growth expected to reach more than $53.7 Billion by 2021. The compound annual growth rate is expected to reach 23.3 percent during this time, according to government statistics.
  4. The state of healthcare is in CRISIS: It should be no surprise that America is in a major crisis with primary healthcare because of exploding costs, increased deductibles, and reduced quality of care which leaves tens of millions of people, including many with health insurance, unable to access a doctor when they need one. The result is that patients are suffering unnecessarily, become increasingly unhealthy and end up at expensive emergency rooms and many in hospitals. Providers have seen drastic cuts in reimbursements, higher deductibles and copays, and less covered services.
  5. Research and patient results are showing promise: Functional and regenerative medicine creates a more cohesive, patient-focused environment that places healthcare at the beginning of the treatment cycle as opposed to the symptoms-based approach that relies heavily on the temporary, catch-all fixes of surgery and pharmaceuticals, dangerous use of opioids for pain relief.
  6. Age of population: Functional and regenerative medicine is expanding rapidly because aging baby boomers are seeking alternative and unconventional treatments because traditional medicine and other modalities are not answering up to their needs. One such Cutting-edge treatment like regenerative stem cell therapy with growth factors, hyaluronic acid and cytokines are growing as a mainstay of healthcare.
  7. Government cannot ignore: According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Researchers predict the sophisticated use of Regenerative Medicine will eventually supplant other forms of medical treatments.
  8. Providers are recognizing there's a better way: Providers admit that spending 10 min with a patient in the traditional healthcare system is NOT good care and is losing patients to those who are integrating. So what does this mean for healthcare providers everywhere? Simple, INTEGRATE.
  9. The playing field is changing rapidly:  Providers must change with it or be left behind.  Functional and regenerative medicine is part of the future of medicine. It is less expensive, less invasive and is showing promising and better results.  More providers are learning about it and combining it within their practice. Join us in this new healthcare revolution of functional and regenerative medicine. DO NOT BE LEFT BEHIND!