Treatments, Therapies & Products

It is important to understand where healthcare is headed and why integration is so important for your practice. For most of the 20th century, conventional medicine centered on a singular objective - arrive at a diagnosis and treat the symptom with drugs and surgery.

Patients have become much more knowledgeable, more engaged in their own care and are looking for better solutions. They are looking for providers who can provide more integrative functional and regenerative treatments, therapies and products that will truly benefit them and the best news is now they are willing to pay cash for them.

Providers who are integrating functional and regenerative medicine take the time to look into the patient's history, biochemistry, and other important indicators. Most include a detailed analysis of an individual’s genetic makeup and take a “Whole Body Approach” to care. Patients have been forced with the high cost of healthcare to become “Proactive rather than Reactive”.

So let us show you what is working for other providers like you. We will help identify which treatments and products could be an immediate fit for your practice. 


Functional and Regenerative Medicine Treatments, Therapies & Products

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy is a simple injection of “HUCT” cells into your body/joints. Stem cells help repair and replace damaged tissue and cells. They have the potential to help many diseases and conditions. Stem cell therapy gives new hope to many people with degenerative and chronic medical conditions.

PRP Therapy - Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments

Utilizing the body’s natural healing process, PRP therapy is a concentration of platelets that are injected into the damaged ligaments, tendons, and joints to promote tissue repair and accelerate healing. Platelets are rich in growth and healing factors which means, on average, an injured individual can potentially get back to a pain-free life in four to six weeks.

IV Therapy

IV therapy has been used for decades to treat a range of conditions, from dehydration to nutrient-absorption disorders but it has gained recent popularity at independent clinics and through concierge medicine practitioners. The contents of the IV drips are tailored to the patient to address their mineral and nutrient deficiencies giving them a superburst.

Weight Loss & Nutrition Program

Americans are obsessed with weight loss and nutrition, however, they have a hard time knowing what works, what’s safe and most importantly how to maintain. We created a program that allows for accountability, quick access to questions and reasonable process with the right diet, nutritional supplements for a busy lifestyle. We take the blood panel testing a step further by using our proprietary analysis to understand what's needed and track progress. It provides an app for access to all the information they need as well as social accountability. Our biggest compliment is the referrals that providers experience when they implement this into their practice

Bioidentical Hormones
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the use of hormones to help resolve symptoms related to aging or menopause. Bioidentical hormones are considered more natural compared to standard hormone replacement therapies because the hormones are chemically identical to those produced by the human body.
Med Spa Services

The medspa industry generates $4 Billion a year in revenue. This has doubled in size in the past five years and is projected to double in size again by 2020.  Health and beauty professionals know that consumers want to feel and look good.  With injectibles, lasers and skincare, you can restore and rejuvenate your patients' innermost beauty using the latest technological advancements and highest quality products on the market.

Nutraceuticals, Supplements & Compounding

We know how important healthy choices are so we created a customized system for testing each patient for individualized recommendations of adding nutraceuticals and supplements to their healthcare plan and we as well do custom compounding. With so many consumer options, offering our high-quality products provides you the competitive advantage with your patients.

Blood Panel Testing & Analysis
Blood tests have been used as a tool for measuring health for a long time. However, they have been used primarily as a means for diagnosing disease. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is a fresh new look at an old tool of measure with the intention of preventing disease to help patients address the root cause instead of treating symptoms.