About Us

TruHealth Medical is a team of leading like-minded healthcare executives, medical providers, and scientists who came together to transition healthcare back to the provider and patients.

We recognized early on that healthcare is rapidly changing so we created a simple turnkey solution for providers to effectively integrate their practice in adding functional and regenerative medicine solutions through a process that fits your needs and practice.

We go further by helping generate new patients through integrated marketing efforts as well as provide the latest technology in staying connected to your patients who are looking for these functional and regenerative healthcare solutions and as well willing to pay cash for your services.

As a national leader in integration one of our  highest priorities is caring for patients as well as protecting and keeping  providers updated in this rapidly changing transition of healthcare by provide you with a skilled experienced team of medical, science, compliance and legal experts who for years have work alongside state, federal and FDA regulatory agencies to maintain patient/practice compliance and  safety.

In the ever-changing healthcare landscape, we want you to feel confident that you are supported by a team of experts and company that considers patient safety and care the highest priority. ?We work closely with the FDA, state, and federal medical regulatory agencies to ensure our product offering meets the latest compliance guidelines.

We are proud to work alongside colleagues who are leaders in the field of stem cell research, product testing and new product development as well as staff who are dedicated to helping you implement best practices in functional and regenerative medicine. Together, we can fundamentally change healthcare from a disease-oriented model to one that promotes good health and well-being.

Here lie the clear distinction and definition of Functional Medicine. Instead of asking, “What drug matches up with this disease?” Functional Medicine asks the vital questions that very few conventional doctors ask: “Why do you have this problem in the first place?” and “Why has function been lost?



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Products & Services

TruHealth provides multiple integrated products and services to efficiently enhance your bottom line, keep patients informed and deliver proactive care. We will design a program customized for your practice that includes you becoming a notable marketing genius, tech wiz and business entrepreneur. But we do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your patients.

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